Marconi Club ARI Loano QSO Party Day
 Geographic Focus:Worldwide
 Bands:80, 40, 20m
 Classes:Single Op
 Exchange:Marconi Club Member: RST + "MC" + Member No.
non-Members: RST + Serial No.
 Work stations:Once per band
 QSO Points:5 points per QSO with member
1 point per QSO with non-member
 Multipliers:Each Marconi Club member once per band
 Score Calculation:Score = Total QSO points x total mults
 E-mail logs to:marconiclub[at]ariloano[dot]it
 Mail logs to:(none)
 Find rules at:
 Cabrillo name:MCD-QSO-PARTY
 Cabrillo name aliases:

 Future Dates
 0700Z-2100Z, Jan 7, 2023
 0700Z-2100Z, Jan 6, 2024
 0700Z-2100Z, Jan 4, 2025
 0700Z-2100Z, Jan 3, 2026
 0700Z-2100Z, Jan 2, 2027
 0700Z-2100Z, Jan 8, 2028
 Historical Dates
 0700Z-2100Z, Jan 7, 2023
 0700Z-1800Z, Jan 22, 2022