IARU Region 1 UHF/Microwaves Contest
 Geographic Focus:Europe
 Bands:435 MHz, 1.3 GHz, 2.4 GHz, 3.4 GHz, 5.7 GHz, 10 GHz, Millimetre
 Classes:Single Op (6/24)(Low/High)
Multi-Op (6/24)(Low/High)
 Exchange:RS(T) + QSO No. + 6-character grid square
 QSO Points:1 point per km between stations multiplied by band factor
 Score Calculation:Total score = total QSO points
 E-mail logs to:(none
 Upload log at:https://iaru.oevsv.at/
 Mail logs to:(none)
 Find rules at:https://www.iaru-r1.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/contest-rules-2.pdf

 Future Dates
 1400Z, Oct 3 to 1400Z, Oct 4, 2020  Logs due: 0000Z, Oct 12
 Historical Dates
 1400Z, Oct 5 to 1400Z, Oct 6, 2019