Geographic Focus:Europe
 Bands:80m Only
 Classes:BCC Members
 Max power:100 watts
 Exchange:RS(T) + T-shirt size (see rules)
 Work stations:Once per mode
 QSO Points:2 points per QSO with BCC member
1 point per QSO with non-memberr
 Multipliers:Each T-shirt size once per mode
 Score Calculation:Total score = total QSO points x total mults
 E-mail logs to:(none)
 Upload log at:http://dl6mhw.de/~dl6mhw/bcc/log_upload.php
 Mail logs to:(none)
 Find rules at:http://www.bavarian-contest-club.de/contest/qso-partys2021/Rules-BCC-QSO-Parties-2021;art626,2399

 Future Dates
 1830Z-1859Z, Sep 16, 2021  Logs due: 2029Z, Sep 16
 Historical Dates
 1930Z-2059Z, Mar 18, 2021
 1830Z-1859Z, Sep 17 (CW) and 1900Z-1929Z, Sep 17 (SSB) and 1930Z-1959Z, Sep 17 (RTTY), 2020
 1930Z-1959Z, Mar 19 (CW) and 2000Z-2029Z, Mar 19 (SSB) and 2030Z-2059Z, Mar 19 (RTTY), 2020
 1930Z-1959Z, Sep 19 (CW) and 2000Z-2029Z, Sep 19 (SSB) and 2030Z-2059Z, Sep 19 (RTTY), 2019
 1930Z-1959Z, Mar 21 (CW) and 2000Z-2029Z, Mar 21 (SSB) and 2030Z-2059Z, Mar 21 (RTTY), 2019
 1700Z-1900Z, Sep 25, 2008
 1700Z-1900Z, Jun 25, 2008
 1800Z-2000Z, Mar 25, 2008