eXtreme CW World-Wide Challenge
 Bands:40m Only
 Classes:Single Op (High/Low/QRP)
Multi-Op (High/Low/QRP)
 Max operating hours:24 with off times of at least 2 hours
 Max power:HP: >100 watts
LP: 100 watts
QRP: 5 watts
 Exchange:RST + power + "W"
 QSO Points:1 point per QSO
 Score Calculation:Total score = total QSO points
 E-mail logs to:xcw[at]alg[dot]demon[dot]co[dot]uk
 Mail logs to:XCW WW Challenge
14 The Paddock
Chepstow, NP16 5BW
 Find rules at:http://www.alg.demon.co.uk/xcw/2006rules.htm

 Future Dates
 (contest is inactive)
 Historical Dates
 0000Z, Oct 28 to 2359Z, Oct 29, 2006
 CW: 40m: 0000Z, Oct 29 to 2359Z, Oct 30, 2005