YLRL DX-YL to NA-YL Contest, SSB
 Max operating hours:24
 Exchange:QSO No. + RS + (section/province/country)
 Work stations:Once per band
 QSO Points:1 point per QSO
 Multipliers:Each section, province, country once
Power factor: x1.5 for 150W or less
 Score Calculation:Total score = total QSO points x total mults x power factor
 E-mail logs to:annettewood[at]oh[dot]rr[dot]com
 Mail logs to:Annette Wood, KC8SQM
6167 Oakwood Circle
North Ridgeville, OH 44039
 Find rules at:http://www.ylrl.org/ylcontests.html

 Future Dates
 (contest is inactive)
 Historical Dates
 1400Z, Apr 11 to 0200Z, Apr 13, 2008
 1400Z, Apr 10 to 0200Z, Apr 12, 2007
 1400Z, Apr 11 to 0200Z, Apr 13, 2006
 SSB: Allm: 1400Z, Apr 13 to 0200Z, Apr 15, 2005