CQC Summer VHF/UHF QSO Party
 Mode:CW, SSB, FM
 Bands:6, 2, 70 cm
 Max power:5 watts
 Exchange:CQC Members: 4-Character grid square + Name + Member No.
non-CQC Members: 4-Character grid square + Name + Power
 Work stations:Once per band
 QSO Points:1 point per QSO
Bonus: 100 points for working W0CQC during contest
Bonus: 10 points per band for use of homebrew antenna
 Multipliers:Each unique first letter of name once per band
 Score Calculation:Total score = (total QSO points x total mults) + bonus points
 E-mail logs to:contest[at]cqc[dot]org
 Mail logs to:CQC Contest
P.O. Box 17174
Golden, CO 80402-6019
 Find rules at:http://www.cqc.org/contests/summer05.htm

 Future Dates
 (contest is inactive)
 Historical Dates
 1600Z-2000Z, Aug 27, 2006
 FM: 2,70 cmm: 1800Z-2100Z, Aug 28, 2005